New Planet Beer had the pleasure of serving samples and conversing with customers at Whole Foods in Denver, CO. The Tamarac Whole Foods is the only Colorado location that has the ability to sell alcohol, so tasting events take place every Saturday from 1-6pm. In addition to two premium wine options, Tread Lightly Ale flowed freely throughout the day. Enthusiastic patrons who bought a six pack during our visit also received a one-of-a-kind organic New Planet Beer t-shirt. In addition, everyone that came by our both received a bottle opener and an informational card describing the unique background of gluten-free beer. The talk of the day was centered around the forthcoming release of the New Planet 3R Raspberry Ale which should be hitting the shelves this summer. Be sure to keep an eye out for this Raspberry delight as it’s sure to be a hit. Special thanks to the kind team members of Whole Foods for supporting New Planet Beer and their assistance throughout the day. We look forward to many similar events this summer of which will be promoted through our website.

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  1. Prapatti
    Prapatti says:

    This beer has a very nice taste. I don’t seem to notice it is gluten-free. Thanks so much for making it.

  2. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    Visiting Denver for work with my boyfriend who has celiac…we ended up at the Whole Foods Tamarac today on coincidence, and picked up the Tread Lightly to try. Delicious! Amazing! He’d given up beer (except for Greens, which is super expensive), because it’s usually terrible in a gluten-free version,. We really really really want to see it in Chicago. Please! Happy to hear you’ll be able to expand soon. Thanks again.


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