Double Seclusion IPA

Double Seclusion IPA on tap

Tapping this Friday at 3PM:

Double Seclusion IPA:  Seclusion’s BIG Brother; 80 IBU and 7.7% ABV!

You asked for it and now we have it on tap!

BIG hoppy aromas and nice and smooth!

What Makes a Beer Gluten-Free?

Hops Are Gluten FreeMost traditional beer is made from malted barley, wheat or rye that all contain gluten.  So what makes a beer gluten-free?

Alternative Grains

Since, these traditional ingredients are not gluten-free brewers have to be a bit more creative with their selection of ingredients. This means finding alternative gluten-free grains to brew with such as sorghum, millet, buckwheat, amaranth, potato starch, rice, quinoa and corn.

There are a few challenges when brewing with alternative grains outside of just selection of grains.  There is often a lack of nutrients that yeast need to stay healthy and multiply. Also, alternative grains often lack enough internal enzymes to convert the starches to sugars that the yeast in turn can digest and create alcohol. All of these things make creating an alternative grain beer that tastes like a traditional beer style from a malt perspective very challenging.


Hops and beer go hand-in-hand and happen to be gluten-free.  They are used to add flavor, aroma and bitterness to beer. They contribute a variety of desirable flavors and create balance between the malt with bitterness depending on the style of beer being made. In addition, they are also used as a natural preservative. One thing to keep in mind is the interaction of hops and beer is not always straight forward and this is especially true with alternative grains. For instance, dry hopping with certain hops could add an astringent bitterness rather than an intended increase of hop aroma and flavor.

Gluten Testing

New Planet Gluten-Free beer is certified Gluten-Free. Meaning all ingredients that are sourced are Gluten-Free. In addition, New Planet Brewery performs gluten testing during the process and on the final product to ensure New Planet Beer meets and exceeds FDA Gluten-Free Standards.




Gluten Free Gallop Guest Runner Brittni Hutton

Brittni HuttonTop US Women’s runner and New Planet Beer fan Brittni Hutton will be running in the May 14, 2016 Gluten Free Gallop 5k.  Brittni is a dedicated runner that is also gluten free, look for her in her New Planet Beer Cap but don’t expect to out run her and if you’re a spectator, look quick because she will be a blur.  We are rooting for Brittni to run this 5k in 16 min. flat.


Brittni’s Personal Records in 2016

☆ 15K: 54:47 – 2015 Gate River Run 15K

☆ 10K Road: 34:28 – 2015 Bolder Boulder 10k Championships

☆ 10K Track: 34:01 – 2015 Stanford Invitational

☆ 5k Road: 16:10 – *While Racing-2015 USATF Tufts 10k

☆ 5k Track: 16:25 – 2015 Mt. Sac Relays

☆ 3K: 9:25 – 2015 Alex Wilson Invite

☆ Mile (Road): 4:57 – 2015 Pearl Street Mile, Boulder, CO.


The Denver-Metro Chapter of the Celiac Support Association is excited to announce our fifth annual Gluten Free Gallop 5k run/walk to raise awareness of Celiac Disease and

gluten related disorders. The Gluten Free Gallop will take place at Clement Park in Littleton, CO on Saturday May 14th, 2016.  This is a fun family, stroller and dog friendly event.

We hope you will join us again for this amazing event!

Kids 12 and under are always free

General registration will run thru May 6th – $30 

Late registration will go thru race day – $35

Also stay up to date on all of the race details at our Gluten Free Gallop Facebook page:


 Gluten Free Gallop T-Shirt

Goody Bags with gluten free munchies

Event Timed

Raffle to follow race

Gluten Free snacks to Follow race

Gluten Free Beer


 Kids’ Activities



Beer and Food Pairing Guide

beerandfoodgiude_5.4.16Beer tastes even better when you pair it with good food. In fact, we think beer is actually more food-friendly than wine. This is because of its ability to interact with many food flavors and the complexity of its flavors.

Not sure what type of beer to serve with your meal? Read on and we’ll tell you which brews will go well with your favorite meals.

Grilled food

Grilling season is upon us. Whether you’re making grilled salmon, bratwurst or grilled eggplant, you want to make sure that you stock up on some beers that are well suited for your grilled feast.

Grilled foods are complex. You have char bitterness, dripping fattiness and caramel roastiness. When pairing grilled food with beer, you can never go wrong with brown ale. You want to find a perfectly balanced black or brown ale – nothing too malty, too hoppy or too bitter such as our Gluten Free Brown Ale available on tap. Lagers or refreshingly balanced ale such as New Planet’s Tread Lightly Ale is great paired with pork and red meat burgers.


Could there be any better beer and food pairing in the nation besides beer and pizza? If you ordered a large pepperoni pizza, then be sure to have a well hopped ale ready when the delivery guy shows up at your front door or the pizza comes out of the oven. Seclusion IPA is a balanced session IPA with both citrus and tropical notes. New Planet’s Gluten Free Pale Ale with its bright citrusy character would be another good choice.


Oysters and stouts have been consumed together for a very long time. Brewers and beer drinkers have discovered that beer is a perfect accompaniment to oysters. It is a match made in heaven. The silky, salty, tender oyster is perfect with the pleasantly smooth balanced black beer. Our Oatmeal Stout on tap and available to take home in one of our mason jars or your personal growler would be a perfect match.

Cheese plates

You can’t just pair any beer with any cheese and expect bliss. Aged Gouda and our Imperial Red Gin Ale (on Tap in our Tap Room) pair well thanks to the Imperials deep caramel flavors, dried dark fruit character and rich malt. Tread Lightly Ale or our Gluten Free Blonde Ale is a great accompaniment if you want to sample a selection of fine fromage and mild cheeses, thanks to its palate-cleansing qualities.




Join us at the

Spring Flours – Gluten Free Gala

May 6, 2016

Chicago Cultural Center


Spring Flours Event BannerSince 2007, some of Chicago’s best bakers and restaurateurs have gathered each year for an evening featuring gourmet gluten-free cuisine to sell-out crowds. The event is like no other—it allows diners and chefs to interact directly in a shared appreciation of wonderful food and a great cause.


This year, New Planet Beer will be among the libations offered at Spring Flours. Be sure to give our gluten free beers a taste as you enjoy the evening!