Are you as excited for March 17th as we are? To honor St. Patrick’s Day, New Planet Beer is giving away swag to help you celebrate! To enter to win a New Planet Beer T-shirt, pint glass or bottle opener, comment below with how you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year.

Not sure how you’re celebrating, yet? Here are 10 suggestions to help you celebrate the fun Irish Holiday:

  1. Have a Green Feast. Add green food coloring to bread dough, a New Planet Beer, milk, or other parts of your meal. You can also supplement green foods as part of the meal, such pasta with pesto sauce or salad. Then, enjoy a festive dessert of shamrock cookies or cupcakes with green frosting – all gluten-free of course!
  2. Wear Green. Looking for a way to show your Irish pride? Wear a St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt, or if you’d rather take a more subtle approach, wear a green shirt, tie, scarf, or accessory with a funny Irish saying on it. The options are endless!
  3. Listen to Irish music. Use your favorite search engine to search for radio stations that play Irish or Celtic music. Visit their sites to listen live and sing along. Or, look up the lyrics to popular Irish folk songs.
  4. Attend a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Many cities hold parades in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! Watch your local news station or check the newspaper to find out if and when a parade is being held in your city. Or, check out this list of St. Patrick’s Day parades that are taking place worldwide.
  5. Eat Irish food. Go to a restaurant that serves traditional Irish cuisine like corned beef, cabbage, bangers and mash, lamb stew, and potatoes, or prepare the food yourself by looking up recipes online.
  6. Take step dancing lessons. Search online for Irish step dancing classes being offered in your city, or check with a local Irish-American organization to find out where classes are offered.
  7. Watch a movie. Pick up some New Planet Beer and invite your friends over to watch a movie that’s set in Ireland or is Irish-themed. Some popular suggestions include Michael Collins, In America, Once, The Field and Intermission.
  8. Irish Quiz. Test your Irish trivia by taking a quiz like the one found on You can also put together your own quiz to test your friends’ knowledge by looking up facts about Irish culture, tradition, and history, then writing out questions.
  9. Throw an Irish-themed party. Serve green food and beverages, quiz each other on Irish history and culture, or celebrate with a glass of whiskey.
  10. Do a New Planet Beer pub crawl. Create your own gluten-free pub crawl by visiting our beer locator and map out the restaurants and pubs that serve New Planet Beer in your area.

Don’t forget to enter to win New Planet Beer swag by commenting below with how you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year. Three winners will be randomly selected and contacted by email on March 16th by 5pm MST. Good luck!

Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day!


65 replies
  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    I’m thinking about celebrating with a festive 5K, but either way I’ll have to attempt to make a Green Tread Lightly concoction to enjoy! It’s the only way really! And will probably wear a silly hat!

  2. Stephen Specht
    Stephen Specht says:

    I will be wearing all green, hanging out with great friends, pretending i am Irish, and throwing back a couple New Planet Tread Lightly Ales, my new favorite!

  3. Marissa
    Marissa says:

    I will be helping install new swings at my daughter’s school and then hosting her 7th birthday party at a science museum. The evening will include either 3R Raspberry or Tread Lightly and no labor or kids.

  4. Austin McElyea
    Austin McElyea says:

    I will be rocking green hair, my leprechaun tuxedo shirt, and drinking a few New Planet Tread Lightly Ales! I can submit a picture if you would like…

  5. Erik J.
    Erik J. says:

    Hitting up some powder runs along the ridge at Taos Ski Valley, and then relaxing in the hot tub with an ice cold Off Grid Pale Ale (with some added green food coloring).

  6. Debbie Evans
    Debbie Evans says:

    I have made lamb stew for years, but this year instead of regular beer, I will be making it with New Planet!! So a little in my stew, and a lot for me!!! I love being Irish!!

  7. Amanda Repka
    Amanda Repka says:

    I plan on not only drinking a dyed green Off Grid Pale Ale, but will also be baking some awesome shamrock gluten free cupcakes that have a whole New Planet beer in them and in the frosting, mmmmmm. Cannot wait!

  8. Jessica L
    Jessica L says:

    It’s my son’s first St. Patrick’s Day so I will be dressing him in his first “Kiss me I’m Irish” onesie! I like the idea of adding green food coloring to some food so I will probably do that – maybe some green eggs and ham!

  9. Kelly Heck
    Kelly Heck says:

    I’m going to make a boiled dinner in the crockpot, crank my Dubliners cd and throw back a few green Off Grids!

  10. Sean Chelius
    Sean Chelius says:

    I’ll be in Philly coaching my son’s junior hockey team in a tournament, but in the evening all the boys are getting to watch a movie, and us coaches are going to kick back and, well, the other coaches will be drinking their “beer” while I’ll be enjoying my relaxed St. Patty’s Day with some Off The Grid!!!

  11. Carrie
    Carrie says:

    Since I live in Austin, Texas and I can’t get New Planet there, I’m going to road trip to CO all night the 16th to meet up with friends in Denver and kick back a few Off Grids on the 17th! Here’s to road trips, good beer and a long St. Patty’s weekend!

  12. Emily
    Emily says:

    I work in a pediatric clinic which is currently decked out in Green and shamrocks the Friday before.
    I will most definitely be wearing green that day and I will make a Corned beef roast! I LOVE that stuff! Corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes! Yummy.

  13. DeAnne Grabowski
    DeAnne Grabowski says:

    Plan on wearing green & drinking some favorite 3R Raspberry New Planets!! Corn beef & cabbage is a must for dinner!

  14. dave
    dave says:

    Dinner with family. Corned beef and cabbage and potatos. Homemade GF bread, and gf new planet green beer if avaliable. Enjoying the beer. TY

  15. Frank O'Hare
    Frank O'Hare says:

    I am celebrating St. Patrick’s day by getting married! We are having gluten free pies instead of cake and the best part is our bartenders were able to get plenty of New Planet beer!

  16. JB
    JB says:

    I plan on doing what Irish do on St. Pats day, get drunker than a green skunk on New Planet. Never seen a green skunk? Get some New Planet and you will.

    • GFBeer
      GFBeer says:

      Hi JB,

      You are one of the lucky St. Patty’s Day winners. We’ll follow up with an email so we can send you New Planet Beer swag!


  17. Katie
    Katie says:

    I plan to celebrate with a few bottles of my homebrew sorghum beer, and a nice healthy serving of corned beef & hash!

  18. Diana
    Diana says:

    I will be making some Cornbeef cabbage and potatoes as well as some chocolate shamrock candies topped off with some good old fashion Green Beer. The bar we frequent doesn’t serve any GF beers but for St. Patty’s day let’s me bring in my own, so I can have green beer with everyone else!

  19. John
    John says:

    Invite my friends over for corned beef dinner, turn up some Pogues music, throw back many Off Grid Pale Ales, mix and repeat!!

    Oh, and the Pogues show I have on cd has the late great Joe Strummer sitting in, so it’s going to be a very international celebration!

  20. Josh Zion
    Josh Zion says:

    After work my brother and law and I will enjoy a new planet green beer. This will be the first gluten free st. Pattys day. And I’m looking forward to it!

  21. Ariel
    Ariel says:

    So excited it’s on a Saturday this year! I plan to wear lots of green and go see some live music on Pearl Street.

  22. Jeanne Wilkinson
    Jeanne Wilkinson says:

    Touring a couple local pubs in Austin TX wishing they sold New Planet, and then going home and drinking one of the many bottles I bought in Colorado during our last visit there!

  23. Margo Ervin
    Margo Ervin says:

    Drinking some NP brewskies and eating cabbage rolls! By the way, I hope the swag is New Planet t-shirts. My size is S-M. 😉

  24. oddtree
    oddtree says:

    Planning to make it up for a weekend in the mountains. Hopefully there will be fresh powder, and then I will have to see if any bars in Steamboat carry new planet.

  25. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Planning on making it a NewMexicanIrish feast with gluten free carne adovada chalupas and New Planet.

    Diced pork marinated in either Old El Paso or Hatch brand red chile enchilada sauces (either is GF)and baked.
    Corn tortillas fried hard and flat.
    Rosarita traditional refries (GF, of course)
    lettuce, diced onions, diced tomatoes, cheese.

    Layer the ingrediants as you would like them on the tortilla and don’t forget the New Planet to wash it down with.

  26. Troy S.
    Troy S. says:

    Will visit Madra Rua in Charles Town South Carolina for a few pints of Guinness.
    New Planet has not invaded there yet.

  27. Jeramiah Paylor
    Jeramiah Paylor says:

    I plan on enjoying a few New Planets along with some homemade corned beef and cabbage. In lovely Boulder, CO

  28. Carl
    Carl says:

    We’ll be wearing-o-the-green with 24 friends for a wee St’ Patrick’s Day Celebration. Entirely GF menu of Irish stew, Donegal salmon cakes, oven braised corned beef and of course, potatoes! There’ll be plenty of chilled Tread Lightly Ale. Slaint’ Thanks for bringing New Planet to WA state.

  29. Christopher Harris
    Christopher Harris says:

    I will be enjoying the entire New Planet lineup adding some green food coloring to the beer and the GF cupcakes too! Cheers to a New Planet!

  30. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    Cup4Cup flour will be used to make soda bread this year. I can’t believe how much better my gluten-free options are this St. Pat’s compared to last year!

  31. Elizabeth F
    Elizabeth F says:

    I will be riding with the Topeka Community Cycle Project in our St Pat’s parade, and then kicking back with some New Planet…we’re not allowed to ride with drinks this year 😉

  32. David Robinson
    David Robinson says:

    I’ve been gluten free since 1977, and had my first beer at the age of 50.I had to wait quite a while to be able to celebrate an event like St. Patty’s day like anyone else. Thanks for the efforts in making a GF life a little more tolerable.

  33. Janelle D
    Janelle D says:

    I will be sleeping in till about 7 or 8am (the cat is like a ninja with finding different ways to wake me up each morning) to be all rested up for a long day of enjoyment. Take the dog for a long walk. Gotta have love for the pets. Pick out an outfit with green (or no green, wink wink) Drink a few gluten free beers through out the day to prep myself for the evening. Then meet up with friends to bring in the St Pat’s day in style!

  34. Barry
    Barry says:

    We’re RVing in SW US with lots of Off Grid Pale Ale stashed under the bed. Will be wearing as much green as we have with us and tossing back a couple of cold Ales.

  35. Kathi Lanoue
    Kathi Lanoue says:

    I will be at work, selling a ton of beer for all you partiers. I work at Happy Hound Wine and Liquors in Littleton, CO and it is going to be rockin’. Have a great day!!!

  36. Rob
    Rob says:

    I will be going green and filling my body with some good beer.
    Ha saving the planet and my insides all at one time!!!

  37. B. Blair
    B. Blair says:

    The southside Irish parade is back, guess what I plan on doing. I’ll celebrate responsibly, then head out for dinner & my first New Planet Beer, as I just found out recently that it is available here in IL.

  38. Mike
    Mike says:

    There will definitely be GF beverages going around – New Planet, perhaps some Crispin, and maybe even a bottle of Harvester. The choices for first-rate GF alcohol are quite amazing these days.

  39. SteveL
    SteveL says:

    St Patty’s Day is a day of reflection for us. I’ll be celebrating by toasting Slainte, with Claddagh in mind — Love, Friendship and Loyalty! Whether it’s kicking’ back with a New Planet Ale gazing at some incredible snow capped peaks or on the phone with your best bud toasting with a G-free single malt…there’s a lot to take in. Thanks for being a recent addition to my irish tradition.

  40. Stockham
    Stockham says:

    Hooray for St. Pat’s being on Saturday! Taking in our local parade is so much fun! Will definitely be donning some garish green clothing! But college basketball and Tread Lightly Ale are a must this weekend!!

    • GFBeer
      GFBeer says:

      Hi Melia,

      You won the New Planet Beer contest! We’ll follow up with an email so we can send you some New Planet Beer swag!

  41. Tiffany
    Tiffany says:

    My birthday is the 16th so I’ll be celebrating that and St. Pattys day at Bar Ten listening to Jalan Crossland here in Wyoming. Hoping they carry New Planet, if not I’ll suggest they start 🙂

  42. Katie C.
    Katie C. says:

    I’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (plus the days before and after it) by watching my twin daughters do 10 different Irish dance shows in a matter of 4 days, my heart melting each time I see them dance. Then–at night–I’ll be unwinding by enjoying some New Planet Off Grid Pale Ales, brought to me in NY from PA by my good friend Bob. Life is good!

  43. SeanR
    SeanR says:

    Home-made GF fish n chips, corned beef & cabbage, bright green afro-wig, shamrocks all over the house, a few select Irish Toasts, Irish music mixed into the playlist, and some New Planet brews poured into an ice-cold pint glass…a small gathering at home with fam & friends.

  44. David Moorman
    David Moorman says:

    I will definitely have a leg up on most folks and will celebrate the luckiest day of the year by wearing my green Tread Lightly Ale T shirt!
    Other than that, I’ve gotta work.

  45. Clay Eugene Smith
    Clay Eugene Smith says:

    My choir, Conspiracy of Beards, sings a cappella arrangements of Leonard Cohen songs and we will be singing to a crowd of gluten free beer drinkers at a bar in San Francisco!

  46. LesleeD
    LesleeD says:

    I’ll be flying down the slopes at Big Sky, MT for an awesome spring-time ski trip. I’ll be 500 miles from home, so I sure as heck hope they sell New Planet there. I think I might call ahead so I can get mentally prepared. Reguardless, I’ll wear some festive attire. Cheers!


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