Did you know that New Planet Beer is guaranteed gluten-free? Feel confident that you won’t become “glutenated” while enjoying our great tasting gluten-free beer with our guaranteed gluten-free promise.

Guaranteed Gluten-Free Beer Promise

  • We use the most stringent gluten-free threshold test available in the market today – a baseline test of less than 1ppm for each label produced
  • We test every individual batch with the FDA required 20ppm test. All records are kept at the New Planet offices and can be verified upon request
  • We only use FDA approved gluten-free ingredients
  • We use extract ingredients that don’t utilize Mill Operation or the Mash Tun Operation, which is where the risk for cross contamination is the highest
  • We also use a closed loop system where the beer goes directly from the brew kettle, to the fermentation tank, and then to the conditioning tank before packaging
  • Our equipment is thoroughly sanitized before use and our production process is scheduled separately from anything that could be a threat of contamination
  • Our founder and CEO is celiac and tastes every batch, if there’s any trace of gluten, he’ll pay the price of being “glutenated”

We pride ourselves on being an ethical company that cares about the quality of our products. We’ve never had a problem with a batch and they’re all guaranteed gluten-free. If any mistakes are made in the production process we’re prepared to take all necessary steps to resolve or recall all products that don’t meet our standards.

So what are you waiting for? Get drinking. Pick up New Planet Beer at closest store near you.

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