If you’re as fortunate as us to be living in Colorado, it’s a weekend pastime to visit local breweries (we have 92+ statewide). For those of you who don’t have that kind of brewery access, we documented the brewing and bottling of New Planet Beer at our contract brewer, Fort Collins Brewery. Check out the Tour photos>

During the process, New Planet Beer is mixed, brewed and stored in 60 barrel tanks. The brewers go through extra steps and procedures to ensure our gluten-free certification standard, and we can safely say they have the cleanest equipment around! The whole bottling process operates as an assembly line, making sure no step is missed. We observed the clean bottles pushed into single file formation on the conveyor belt, filled with  New Planet Beer, capped, labeled, put into the six pack carriers and then boxed to be shipped out to all of our accounts.

Fort Collins Brewery is in the process of building a brand new brewing facility. This new facility will be able to hold 100 barrel tanks, which means even more New Planet Beer in stores and restaurants near you. We’ll be sure to share a deeper look into the new brewery later this summer.

Thanks to the Fort Collins Brewery for helping us bring Gluten-Free New Planet Beer to our fans!

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  1. Hayduke
    Hayduke says:

    I’ve recently developed an allergy to beer and pizza (a gluten allergy). After asking if there were any non-wheat beers at a local watering-hole, I was told that Tread Lightly was their only choice.

    I had my doubts as to the quality, but I figured I’d give it a shot. While pizza is no longer on the menu, I’ve found a beer with a surprisingly entertaining flavor that I can enjoy without the worry of breaking out.

    It’s brewed locally, and the producer gives back to the community by supporting the trails and natural areas that I enjoy. All around, I feel that this is a great find!

    Thank you, New Planet. I’ll be a happy supporter of what you’re doing, both for those of us who have gluten issues, and for what you’re doing for natual space.

    Innovation at its finest.


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