New Planet Beer fans have been reaching out and asking, “when will we get to try the new Off Grid Pale Ale?” So, here is an update to keep you in the loop.

Our effort to develop a great tasting Pale Ale is still ongoing, but we’re getting close! We have been running test batches since June and we’ve been sourcing our ingredients to get ready for production. We’re running a few more test batches in October and we sincerely hope to launch before the year ends. Off Grid Pale Ale is an American style pale ale with about 35 IBU’s and 3-4 varieties of hops. We have not finalized the hops recipe, but we’re confident that with a few more tweaks we’ll have it just right. One thing I can tell you is that if you like bitter and aromatic hops, this beer is for you. It may not have the malty quality of most traditional pales, but for a 100% gluten-free beer, it will be close to the real deal. The hardest part of making a fuller bodied gluten-free beer is increasing the body in a natural way – no artificial foam and creamy  producing chemicals in our beer! The color is mid-range and is achieved by bringing in molasses and caramel color. The aroma is Cascade hops and the ABV is north of 5%. Please stay tuned and soon we can cheer the New Year with an Off Grid Pale Ale. A portion of the proceeds from this beer will go to a non-profit organization that promotes alternative energy in Colorado.

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  1. Jake Kilrain
    Jake Kilrain says:

    Thanks, all!! I discovered three weeks ago that I had Celiac. I thought my beer drinking days were done. Thanks for producing a great tasting, hand crafted beer.

    When’s the Pilsner coming???!!

  2. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    Its Here!!!! Just contact your favorite store and if they don’t have it tell them to order it! Mighty tasty. Finally something along the stout line.

  3. Lieselotte Aiuto
    Lieselotte Aiuto says:

    Girl Gaga presented the woman’s Made By doing this Groundwork, your non-profit the girl produced for you to empower children’s in addition to motivate creativity, at Harvard Collage in Cambridge, Bulk.


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