At last, people in the Rocky Mountain Region and Midwest States following a gluten-free diet can also enjoy a great tasting craft beer. Boulder, Colorado based New Planet Beer Company offering gluten-free beers are now widely available throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Oklahoma (March), and Nebraska (May) in grocery chains, liquor stores and restaurants. Additional Rocky Mountain Region and Midwest States will soon follow. Our beer locator doesn’t have our new locations listed as of yet, but be on the lookout in your state. We’ll let you know when the beer locator can provide the specific locations.

Some of you may be asking, “What about the rest of the United States?” We promise that we’re working on it! We have to be able to brew enough guaranteed gluten-free beer for everyone (that’s a lot of beer!), so it takes time to figure that out. We’ll keep you posted on additional states as we add them.

The good news– we’ll be offering all three styles of our gluten-free beer in the states we expand to.

Tread Lightly Ale – is a smooth and well-balanced “Pilsner like” style ale with citrus tones and light in body and color. Tread Lightly Ale is made from sorghum and corn extract, orange peel, hops, and yeast. Tread Lightly supports trail restoration.

3R Raspberry Ale – our award winning raspberry fruit ale has just the right balance of fruit flavor and aroma. 3R Raspberry Ale is made from sorghum and corn extract, natural raspberry puree, orange peel, hops, and yeast. ‘3R’ supports Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle – the 3R’s of waste reduction education.

Off Grid Pale Ale – is a wonderful interpretation of the classic pale ale style. It has a distinctly deep amber color and great character and body. The three varieties of hops provide a wonderful aroma and a citrus and spicy hop flavor. Made from sorghum and brown rice extract, tapioca maltodextrin, caramel color, molasses, hops, and yeast. Off Grid Pale Ale supports alternative energy efforts.

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  1. Mike Lonergan
    Mike Lonergan says:

    Congratulations and please work hard in expanding production and distribution. Out here in Portland Oregon there’s a huge community of celiacs who are being coddled very well by our fellow Portlandites, but for the availability of *good* GF beer. Greens is great but not widely distributed, and New Grist/Bards/Redbridge all taste pretty much the same. Can’t wait to try all your flavours when the reach the coast!

  2. Renee
    Renee says:

    Awesome! I will be looking for it in NM! Every time we’re in Boulder we check you guys out.

    Any thoughts about brewing a dark beer? Apparently I am not a hop fan…

  3. Kristian
    Kristian says:

    I’ve been stumping for Pennsylvania for some time now. Come September, we’ll be moving out to Washington State…so now I’ll have to stump for getting New Planet out that way. Haha! We’ll be driving across the country to our new home starting in August and once we get to some of those states you’re now selling in, we’ll have to pick some up and enjoy it on the way…not in the car…but at our campsites. Can’t wait to try a hoppy gluten free beer. I miss IPA’s and the hop taste. Peace.

  4. Bill Eyl, past president Celiac Sprue Assn.
    Bill Eyl, past president Celiac Sprue Assn. says:

    Pedro, I’m taking some of your beer to share with some friends from N.J. and AK. I hope you expansion to the rest of the U.S. happens quickly. Thanks for providing a quality product celiacs can enjoy.


  5. Kathie Z.
    Kathie Z. says:

    MN will await patiently! Right now I only have 2 choices!! Thanks for caring about the Celiac market (even though it could be good $$$ for you 😉

    • Jeanne
      Jeanne says:

      Yes! Texas! Austin’s not too far but would LOVE to able to buy it in San Antonio.

      Dying to try the” Tread Lightly”


  6. Virginia Soucy-Beck
    Virginia Soucy-Beck says:

    My husband purchased your product for me while we were vacationing in Monument,CO last summer. I loved it! Until now, Bard’s has been my beer of choice, but after tasting your ale, New Planet is now my #1 choice. Hope to be able to purchase it in our home state of AZ.

    • GFBeer
      GFBeer says:

      Good news, we are available in Arizona! We are opening new accounts every week, but you can purchase New Planet Beer at Sun Devil and Tops Liquor now. Thanks for reaching out, we love our fans!

    • GFBeer
      GFBeer says:

      We are working on an online order option. We’ll keep you posted when this is available. Thanks for being a fan!

  7. antoinette
    antoinette says:

    Would love to try your beer here in Huntington Beach, Ca. Please we need more and we have a Beverage and More nearby. Thanks for listening.

  8. John
    John says:

    I used the “locate beer” and found a store in tampa fl. couldn’t find it via google, is this place legit, should I plan a roadtrip there?

    • GFBeer
      GFBeer says:

      We are working on Florida, but we are not there yet. We seem to be having some technical issues with the finder, thanks for letting us know.

  9. Dave
    Dave says:

    California please!!! Lot’s of GF folks in Southern CA would love to try your beer. Any idea when you may distribute to California?

  10. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Please come to florida asap, there is a pretty large market for it here based on the the way redbridge and new grist fly off the shelves.

  11. Pat
    Pat says:

    If 1 in 133 people have celiac or gluten intolerance it would seem CA should be your very next market. Shear number alone dictate success.

    Looking forward to hearing you are in San Francisco Bay Area soon

  12. Diana
    Diana says:

    Please come to Massachusetts. Very minimal selection for GF beers. There are plenty of us who would drink it here!!

  13. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    Please come to California! We love all things Gluten Free out here. The Mill Vally Market in Mill Valley CA would love to sell your product. Can we order a case to be shipped out here? Thank you!!

  14. Nicole L
    Nicole L says:

    When and where will your beer be available in Nebraska? I am very curious, I live in Omaha and I have a few guesses. Thanks!

  15. Carie
    Carie says:

    I think this beer belongs in Oregon. I’m jonesing for a killer GF hoppy beer…and I’m not getting it in Portland. Pretty please :)Seriously. I need some hops.

  16. Mark in WA
    Mark in WA says:

    I can’t wait for you to come to Seattle! PCC Markets are a great resource for the GF crowd, and your beers would be surely welcomed there. Do you have an ETA on when we can check you out and spread the word?
    Cheers and huge thanks!

  17. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    Please come to Austin, TX! We love our gluten-free stuff, and come on, we started Whole Foods. Pleeeeaasssee.

  18. Karen
    Karen says:

    Finally! Just started being able to get your beers regularly in Omaha, NE. Not nearly enough gluten free entries and options for distribution for folks who love beer (but just can’t digest the traditional versions).

    THANK YOU! Keep up the deliciousness —

  19. Christopher Boyle
    Christopher Boyle says:

    Hi – I’m a caeliac from NZ. We have no GF beer here. It sucks!! I fly into Denver next Wednesday 26th and head immediately to aspen then Moab for 10 days mountain biking – it would make my world if I could get some of your beer from somewhere on route!! Can you advise any outlets in aspen or r route that sell it?? Or can I buy some and have it shipped to hotel in Aspen?? Thanks and hope to hear from you!!
    Faithfully – parched!

    • GFbeer
      GFbeer says:

      Hey Chris,

      If you are renting a car, then there are a number of places in Denver you can buy our beers before heading to Aspen. Even if you aren’t renting a car then there are a couple of liquor stores in Aspen that carry our beer as well. You shouldn’t have a problem finding our beer. Depending on where you are staying, the hotel may even be willing to get it for you. 🙂

      Cheers and Ride Safe!


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