Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten SensitivityIf you ask around, just about everyone has an opinion on “gluten-free,” Celiac Disease, or gluten-sensitivity. Often times, their opinions are misinformed and can be insulting, especially to people who have Celiac Disease (CD) or are gluten-sensitive.

For those of you (or your friends) who have CD or have gluten-sensitivity, you’ve probably heard the snide comments from friends or family saying that it’s “made up” or “all in your head.” The unfortunate reality is that many people are just under-educated on the matter and don’t have all of the facts.

Luckily, it seems many people are beginning to understand CD a bit better and do treat it as a “real” disease. The conversation can often veer off track, though, when the concept and condition of gluten-sensitivity is discussed.

Again, many people (incorrectly) believe that gluten-sensitivity is in your head. Thanks to a recent study published by Columbia University Medical Center, that perception will hopefully change very soon. While gluten-sensitivity varies greatly on a microscopic level from CD, there is compelling evidence that some individuals don’t digest wheat gluten, barley, or rye the same way others do. When blood samples and intestinal biopsies were taken from individuals with CD and those who were self-described as “gluten-sensitive” and analyzed, researchers found that those who reported a gluten sensitivity had leaky gut (whereby proteins and toxins actually permeate the intestine and make their way into the bloodstream).

So, what does this mean? It means that gluten-sensitivity is real. Unfortunately, it is much harder to diagnose than CD, which means many people may go through life eating gluten products and not understanding why they feel miserable.

However, the more the general public understands the distinct differences between CD and gluten-sensitivity, and the less taboo gluten-sensitivity becomes in society, the better off people who may have gluten-sensitivity will be.

Thankfully, brewers across America are beginning to educate themselves more about their patrons’ tastes and dietary needs. New Planet Beer has been offering gluten-free and gluten-reduced beers since 2009 and continues to be at the forefront of the gluten-free beer revolution. With beer that still packs all the flavor, characteristics, and all-around goodness that craft beer has to offer, look for New Planet Beer in a liquor store near you.


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  1. David
    David says:

    This article seems to show why “low gluten” beer doesn’t make sense. If someone has a gluten sensitivity why would only a little gluten be ok. I only want a little toxins to permeate the intestines into my bloodstream? I think it’s really wrong for you to push low gluten beers as an option for people with gluten issues.
    If planters started making a peanut that was low in a peanut allergy you still couldn’t eat it.

    • GFbeer
      GFbeer says:

      Hi David,

      While we understand your concern and out company was built by a Celiac, the fact remains that Celiac’s are only a small portion of the gluten free community. We tend to get rather focused on our own situation and forget that everyone does not share our position. As a company, our goal is to provide for the gluten free community at large. We did not eschew purely gluten free for gluten reduced, instead we ADDED gluten reduced to our already great truly gluten free line. We have not taken away from Celiac’s who can have no gluten, instead we are also offering products for those that are choosing a gluten free lifestyle by choice who don’t have the same restrictions that you and I do. We do not suggest or even recommend that a Celiac drink gluten reduced products instead we offer both products and just like drinking responsible when consuming alcohol, you should also drink responsibly if you have gluten sensitivities or Celiac disease. I hope that makes sense to you. As a company, we have to be profitable to continue bringing you gluten free beer. In our case, that means adding to our product line to expand or income potential so we can continue providing for the community that we started with and will always cater to.

      One of our investors is Celiac and does drink the gluten reduced beer. While we would not recommend drinking gluten reduced to a Celiac, obviously some Celiac’s are comfortable drinking gluten reduced. While we neither agree or disagree with the FDA standard that has been set, the FDA has set the standard at 20 ppm and our beers test at less than 5 ppm.


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