If you are reading this blog, you have likely sampled a New Planet Beer from a brown bottle. And you may have observed some of your glutenoid friends drinking from cans and wondered when you can enjoy the same?  While New Planet Beer is committed to bottles for the near future, we are open to putting our beers in cans.

Walking through the liquor store it is quickly apparent that there is a new trend in the beer industry, cans. No longer are they traditional cans, constrained by the combination of silver, blue, white and red. Today’s can is a canvas, a piece of art, that makes the experience of drinking beer that much more special. But there must be more to it, after all, bottles have been used for centuries.

Below are four reasons that bottles are preferred over cans. We’ll discuss the benefits of cans in a later post.

  1. History – The story goes that a monk stored his beer in a wine bottle and it kept well. Beer has been in brown bottles ever since and eventually evolved to different bottle shapes to accentuate certain qualities of their beer.
  2. Skunked – If light strikes beer it can change its taste and smell. Ultra-violet light chemically changes iso-humulones (isomerized hop oils, which are responsible for the bitterness hops add to beer) into mercaptans, the exact same ingredient in a skunk’s spray!
  3. Taste – Many people feel beer tastes better from the bottle. Aluminum can leave an aftertaste in beer (however, cans now have added a liner to prevent fluctuations in taste, made from BPA, which has its own downsides.)
  4. Temperature control – Glass does a better job keeping the beer cold. Aluminum convects quicker than glass, warming the beer, however, cozies solve this problem.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer bottles or cans? Leave a comment below and tell us why.

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  1. Shannon McElroy
    Shannon McElroy says:

    I feel it would be nice to have a choice. Cans are portable for picnics, camping and other outdoor activities when hauling around bottles is a pain (and hauling the empty containers away).

  2. Dave Cain
    Dave Cain says:

    Having an option would be nice… as I like the taste of beer in bottles… but hauling all that glass in and out of the the ski huts every trip is a pain in the butt. Just my $0.02 worth.

  3. Bob Clark
    Bob Clark says:

    We were in Estes Park in Septemeber, 2010 and got the chance to enjoy New Planet, and we want more but were are from Seattle (Kent) WA. There is definitely a demand for gluten free beer, love to see it in Washington. PS – my wife who is not gluten sensitive liked it as well.

  4. Rod Diedrichsen
    Rod Diedrichsen says:

    Like the others said,on camping, hiking, fishing trips glass is a drag. As for concerts and sporting events glass is not welcomed becouse it is breakable. Thanks for listening.

  5. Kendall
    Kendall says:

    Non-celiac beer drinkers have the choice in-store for bottle or cans, so why are we only limited to bottles? I would love for gluten free beer drinkers to have the option in-store. Now we are limited to bottles only. When summers have you out and about, enjoying the outdoors, bottles restrict you to where you can bring them. Please please please give us the option for cans.

    • GFBeer
      GFBeer says:

      At this stage we are not able to “can” our beer, but we, like you, are hoping to have that option soon! We are also working on Keg and draft options too.


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