The New Planet Beer team is going to bike to work on Bike to Work Day. Are you? On Wednesday, June 22, 2011, The Denver Regional Council presents BIKE TO WORK DAY and we challenge you to keep your cars parked and bike to work too!

Everyday millions of tons of carbon are emitted into the atmosphere, which is causing an increased amount of thermal radiation to be absorbed.  Our carbon dependent lifestyles are affecting animal habitats, human health, and the climate of the earth.  Biking is a great way for everyone to battle these externalities.  Not only is biking a great workout that increases health, burns fat, and releases endorphins, which in turn makes people healthier and thus happier, but it also helps protect the world that we love so dearly.  So keep your cars keys in the house and join New Planet Beer on biking to work on Wednesday, June 22nd, it will benefit you and give the earth and well-deserved break.

Check out The Denver Regional Council’s video for Bike to Work Day.  It’s pretty funny.